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          Performance Chart

          First Name Last Name Username
          Mark Tompson the_mark7
          Ashley Jacobs ash11927
          Audrey Ann audann84
          John Robinson jr5527
          Aaron Butler aaron_butler
          Chris Albert cab79




          This template was developed with Middleman and includes .erb layouts and views.

          All of the views you see here (sign in, sign up, users, etc) are already split up so you don't have to waste your time doing it yourself!

          The layout.erb file includes the header, footer, and side navigation and all of the views are broken out into their own files.

          If you aren't using Ruby, there is also a set of plain HTML files for each page, just like you would expect.

          Collect from 网站模板

          Mark Otto

          Amount: $1,247

          Date: 7/19/2012

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          Audrey Ann

          Amount: $2,793

          Date: 7/12/2012

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          Mark Tompson

          Amount: $2,349

          Date: 3/10/2012

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          Ashley Jacobs

          Amount: $1,192

          Date: 1/19/2012

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